Enlitic|Curie ™ Platform

Expanding Possibilities for Patient Care

Comprehensively impact your healthcare intelligence with the Enlitic Curie™ platform.

The Enlitic Curie Enterprise Platform combines disjointed processes, systems, and data into one simplified workflow. Curie impacts the entire continuum of care through a host of AI-powered applications that read, report, research, inquire, inform, and automatically standardize, and simplify, your data – eliminating inefficiencies and improving patient outcomes.

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One intelligent solution for every intelligence situation.

The Enlitic Curie platform is the industry’s first localized real-world database and real-world evidence platform that unlocks the value of historical diagnostic images, aligned with real-time diagnostics, and linkage to real-world data across any critical care solution.

AI-Powered Applications.

The Enlitic Curie platform features a host of AI-powered applications that enable data standardization, retrospective and real time analysis, research, risk mitigation, and workflow simplification – creating more time and improving patient outcomes. And since every Curie application shares a common inference pipeline, every application deployed within Curie learns, adjusts, and gets smarter over time.

On premises


Onsite integration

Vendor Agnostic


All modalities


Mapped to Existing Systems

DICOM standards

Curie™|ENDEX is the foundational innovation of the Curie platform that brings unity to clinical data. It conforms health system data to consistent clinical standards, enables relevant clinical content linkage across different care systems. It enables consistent display hanging protocols, improves image routing and orchestration intelligence.


ENDEX saves hours on unnecessary hanging protocol tasks using our proprietary AI algorithms. ENDEX automatically standardizes DICOM descriptions before transmission to PACS, increasing efficiency through consistent, complete, and correct tags.

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Less time is spent correcting broken hanging protocols.


Image orchestration and study routing is reliable and interconnected with sites.

Magnifying glass

Case selection is more accurate for QA, research, clinical studies, and billing queries.


Secure data routing becomes more intelligent and more effective.

Enlitic Curie Applications

Every Curie application was developed to use real-world data to solve real-world problems within healthcare intelligence. Whether it’s simplifying the day-to-day, making historical information more accessible or enabling the capability of clinicians, our applications make impacting patient care a data-driven reality.

Curie|ENCOG™ is an advanced AI powered De-Identification and Anonymization technology, that removes and protects all PHI, providing confidence to the health system that PHI in clinical data has been removed and secure, with auditing and chain of custody technology. ENCOG uses computer vision and NLP to differentiate PHI from relevant clinical information.

Conceal identity. Reveal relevancy.

ENCOG uses HIPAA compliant de-identification technology to remove patient identifiers and other sensitive information, while preserving the relevant intelligence that clinicians need.

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Text Analyze

Analyze images for burned-in text with computer vision and optical character recognition.

Remove info

Understand and remove potentially identifying information in unstructured text.

Confidential profile

Basic Application-Level Confidentiality Profile (BALCP) and HIPAA-compliant.

Upcoming Applications

At Enlitic, we create healthcare intelligence solutions that are relevant to healthcare intelligence. Our team is dedicated to discovering more efficient tools for our clinicians to positively influence the care of their patients.

We will continue to develop AI-powered intelligence solutions that impact the entire continuum of care.

Upcoming applications will provide

Real-time recommendations that guide the clinical workflow.

Advanced insights into the performance of Curie sub-components.

Mechanisms for executing any AI model against the clinical archive.

Tools that create and manage large-scale data annotation tasks.

Witness Our Intelligence.

Through the power of the Enlitic Curie platform, we are developing solutions that positively impact patient care. Allow us to demonstrate to you just how evolutionary our platform is.

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