Where Care
Comes First

We believe that intelligence is nothing without care. That’s why since 2014, we’ve worked to evolve healthcare upstream and downstream processes that affect clinicians and patients by creating better intelligence solutions. We take care in our innovations and develop workflow solutions that enable physicians to focus on patients. We’re a company that cares about humanity and is driven to design intelligent solutions that are built to improve healthcare.

What Makes Enlitic Different?

Enlitic is different from Healthcare AI companies because our solutions unlock the power of healthcare data.

Ron Wider

VP of Strategy

Enlitic is a pioneer on how newer companies need to approach the launching of products, processes and world class standards of excellence.

Eric Ribitsch

Director, Professional Services

Industry partners who are ready to solve the most enduring problems come to work for Enlitic.

Daisy DeKnight

Technical Writer

We combine human and industry insights to achieve better clinical workflows and insights that improve patient outcomes while evolving the future of healthcare.

Doug Rufer

SE Sales Director

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